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We believe that the practice of yoga extends further beyond just the mat. That’s why we’ve created “Bliss Tips”! From favorite poses, to daily inspirations, or to questions about deepening your practice, our instructors are sharing tidbits of knowledge they’ve explored in their own practice in efforts to share ideas with you our yoga community & family.



  • Commit to the idea that remaining present and balanced will enable you, not prevent you, from getting what you want.
  • Then meditate. Once per day, twice per day. For 1-minute, 5-minutes, 20-minutes or an hour. Every second helps. The intention to remain present helps, even if you can’t feel it working.
  • Where you feel a strong emotion arising, breathe deeply.


I start my day with a corny affirmation to be my best self. I try to notice little things like the first time my baby says dude. Or take a moment every day with him (or any loved one) and tell him why he’s so great.


I often remind myself of the mantra, “The present moment is all we ever really have”. This helps to keep me grounded and connected to what I’m doing. I’ve developed a personal meditative practice as a response to the times that I find myself feeling anxious about potential future happenings, or dwelling on a past moment. I close my eyes take a few deep breaths (maybe more if needed!), I repeat my mantra, award both faith and trust to my process, and then smile (try it!). There are times where this experience takes 20 seconds and there are times I allow this experience to extend out to 10 minutes or as long as I need. Over time this effects of this practice translates well into many aspects of life as well as the journey on the yoga mat!


I find that being intentional about choices and finding joy in what I do helps with being present. If I am rushing about scattered mentally, I don’t find joy and I’m not present mentally.


When I am overwhelmed, I stop what I am doing and take 3 long slow deep breaths to clear my head. Once I have calmed mentally and emotionally, I make a conscious decision as to what the next steps will be.


I have always had a hard time being present, that is why the practice of yoga speaks to me so much. Throughout the day, if I feel that I am getting off track, I repeat a little mantra, “This is what I’m doing now”. Usually this helps me to focus on what needs to be done in that moment. The part I have the most trouble with is remembering to do it. It is a practice…


If you have any questions you would like answered by our in-house yogis, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to our list!