Theme of the Month: November Satya

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November: Satya – Truthfulness


Last month we started with nonviolence in our words & thoughts (Ahimsa) and we expand into Satya for the month of November. Satya means truthfulness in words and thoughts. Everyone has told a lie at some point in their life, even if they realize it or not. And those lies may be spoken to others or they can be spoken towards ourselves. While we may not have always been truthful, we can aspire to the ideal of satya. It’s important to notice the reasons in which our words or thoughts are not truthful. Take time to ask yourself some of these questions.


Why do we lie?

Are we afraid to hurt someone’s feelings?

Are we fearful that by telling the truth we won’t be liked or admired anymore?

Are we a different person depending on who we interact with? Would you be afraid to have everyone you know in the same room at the same time?


Satya is an opportunity to inwardly recognize the waterfall of fears and other negative emotions that prompt you to twist reality. Once you understand your internal process, your thoughts, speech, and actions and realign with the truth.


Yoga Sutra (2.36) states that when we perfect satya, we gain the siddhi (power) of manifesting our speech—what we say comes true. For this reason it’s essential for us to continue to practice ahimsa first and to be mindful that what we say is compassionate and truthful.


Our intention for the month is to internally reflect and notice, maybe even shift, your practice of truthfulness.


  • Become clearly self-aware. What are your perceptions and beliefs and can you truthfully express those in a non-harming way.


  • If you find yourself containing thoughts of judgment or negativity towards yourself or others, recognize this and ask yourself if those thoughts are serving you.


  • Observe the difference between “nice” and “real”. Notice the situations where you were nice and the experience it invoked. Notice situations where you were real and the experience it invoked. What were the results and from whom or what did you seek approval? Does this affect whether you are nice or real?


  • Spend time in self-expression. Make movement towards, or act upon an opportunity that connects to your internal hopes and dreams, or that connect you to your truth. Observe what happens in you. Observe others reactions towards you.