Bliss Yoga Mysore

What is a Mysore?

Mysore is for 1:1 instruction directly from your teacher combined with self-paced practice, meaning you can start and finish whenever you want! Students are taught a sequence of flowing postures customized to any level of yoga practice. Gradually, students learn to practice the sequence on their own, receiving feedback and assists to help grow their practice further.

Traditionally, Mysore-syle practice is rooted in Ashtanga yoga, which originated most recently from Mysore, India, and offers a practice of moving meditation through daily repetition of increasingly challenging postures. In the Bliss Yoga Mysore, you will not only be offered this traditional series of postures, you can also use the 2 hour open format to practice your own sequences or get assistance from our instructors to help grow your personal practice.

Join us once a month where you can experience a personalized approach to yoga without the cost of a private lesson. Learn to personalize your practice  and share the studio space with the Bliss yoga community.


Mysore Schedule:

September 7, 5-7 pm

October 19, 5-7 pm

November 2, 5-7 pm