Massage Therapy

Bliss Yoga Studio is excited to be partnering with inSpirit Healing Arts.

holistic massage therapy · meditation · energy work · higher self activation

Members of Bliss Yoga Studio (6 mo & 12 mo members) enjoy these special discounts with inSpirit Healing Arts

  • Discounts on registration for Meditation workshops led by inSpirit Healing Arts
  • $20 off a single therapy session per month with Erica
  • $10 off a 60 min session, $20 off a 90 min session with Willow

Meet Erica

ERICA MILLER is the founder of inSpirit healing arts. Erica is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Meditation Guide, Intuitive, Channeler & Teacher. 


Erica’s bodywork training was obtained at the Acupressure-Acupuncture Institute in Miami, FL, & the Shiatsu Clinic & School in Iowa City, IA. The beloved Reiki Master-Teacher, Gia Govinda Marie, attuned Erica to her energy work. For over 25 years, Erica has practiced meditation and has been teaching meditation for over 15 years. 


You can find Erica teaching massage and other modalities at our home at Bliss Yoga Studio, at the East-West Massage School in Iowa City and various locales throughout the nation. 


In other pursuits, Erica received a B.B.A. in Finance from the Henry B. Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. In current pursuits, Erica is currently pursuing her 200-hour yoga teacher designation through SOAR yoga, as well as her Level I ParaYoga certification, under the tutelage of Yogarupa Rod Stryker.

Holistic Healing Bodywork

Erica's holistic healing session is a combination of bodywork, energy work, guided meditation, and intuitively channeled messages. The session begins with a statement of intention for the healing. A combination of Shiatsu, Swedish massage, as well as sacrocranial technique is utilized for the bodywork segment of the practice. Reiki is used throughout the session to transfer healing energies to the body, mind and spirit. As Erica accesses the energy patterns within the body and the emotional and spiritual resonance of the client, she may choose to weave a guided meditation during all or a portion of the treatment. As an intuitive channel, Erica delivers the message of Spirit throughout her session to bring about the highest alignment of Self.

90 MINUTES = $120, 4-Session Package = $400

Contact Erica Today for an Appointment

Call Erica at 319.855.3372, email inspiritheals@gmail.com or visit inspiritheals.com for more information.

Meet Willow

WILLOW POGUE is passionate about helping others attain well-being, a healthy body, and inner peace.


After graduating from the 1000-hour Advanced Massage Therapy Training Program at East-West School of Integrative Healing Arts – specializing in Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, and Energy Healing – she continued to deepen her practice through education and integration. She dove into the study of Reiki and intuitive energy healing with her teacher Mary Thompson in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, eventually becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher herself. She individually apprenticed under Dede Dancing, renowned Massage Therapist and owner of Dancing Prairie Massage Therapy College, to master the art of therapeutic massage.


Willow continues to study meditation and yoga with her teachers Pujari and Abhilasha in Utah, attending annual silent retreats and maintaining a strong personal practice.


Willow hopes to integrate health perspectives from all backgrounds to best support any person that comes along her path. 

Holistic Healing Bodywork

All of Willow's sessions are individually designed for each client. Your body and mind will naturally unwind as the session begins with guided meditation, sound healing, and application of essential oils on specific pressure points. Therapeutic massage and energy healing are integrated as the session progresses, navigating the body to find and release constricted areas. You will fall in tune with your own body as you utilize breath and mindfulness in cooperation. A session with Willow is sure to make you feel connected - with your body, your spirit, and the world around you.

60 MINUTES = $70, 90 MINUTES = $100

Contact Willow Today for an Appointment

Call Willow at 563.209.7283 or email inspiritwillow@gmail.com or visit inspiritheals.com for more information.