Gentle Yoga, the Art of Aging

Being healthy well into your golden years means staying active – but in a way that makes sense. It’s been proven that a regular, consistent, and dedicated practice of yoga will help you gain all of the benefits promised from this form of movement. Download a flyer to share!

Ready to improve strength, posture, and balance?


Yoga helps mitigate the effects of tight joints and muscles, increases balance and confidence in balancing, helps with low back pain and poor blood circulation, and creates a social environment to share your practice and HAVE FUN!


Who can attend?


Anyone who wants to keep themselves happy and healthy, and enjoy an hour of camaraderie with their peers is welcome to attend. Participation is encouraged by doing as much as you can with options to use a chair or to sit and rest when needed. Our instructor will work with individuals needing extra equipment or pose variations during class to optimize the strength and balance gains from yoga.

Class Time: Tuesdays at 10:00 am

Senior Punch Cards Available! $102 for 10 classes

Questions? Get in touch.

Instructor Natalie Johnston

I am an energetic person committed to helping others improve quality of life through health and wellness. As a physical therapist, I look for ways to help people improve their function with less pain…..We are in a society with a lot of anxiety and disease all of which manifest in or exacerbate physical symptoms in our body. We have slowly lost some or more of that mind/body connection. Yoga offers a way to re-connect with our present awareness and what that feels like in our bodies. Yoga provides tools to re-establish a state of equilibrium between brain and body that improves quality of life

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